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My baby(English) by PvElephant

This actually made me cry a little

It got so out of hand that someone had to make a comic to express what they’ve been trying to express in words countless of times. Please don’t do such things to works before receiving the author’s permission.


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i’m convinced this post is the reason they put the reblog button at the bottom


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Zed x Shen

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"Don’t you fucking dare…"


"Don’t you fucking dare…"

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SKT T1 Zed and TPA Shen……data(?) 

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Bundled Shen …..hmmmmmmm

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Another video about Police are using violence on peaceful protesters.

This is upsetting. Because youtube has removed this video many times. Clearly someone is behind it and they don’t want the news leaked. Please share this. And we will keep uploading no mater how many times they deleted. 

This isn’t a peaceful protest. What the police are doing is right. The protesters have been attacking the police and trespassing on government property. They say they are fighting for democracy and yet they are breaking serval laws and the last time I checked if you believe in democracy you Believe in following laws. I am not against the cause but I am against how the protesters are protesting. And the president has nothing to do with this if you attack a officer then you be subdued and the president has nothing to say in that. Also don’t be ignorant, YouTube could care less about the protest in fact it would bring more viewers but you can’t have violence and blood shed on YouTube so that’s why the videos are getting taken down, not because of some government conspiracy.

Hello sir, I don’t know if you lives in Taiwan, understand Chinese or only believe news from TV. I went through your blog see those Taiwanese blog you are following so I assume you understand Chinese. Just lake of information you need.

But I will try my best to explain this in English.

Before I answer your question, I will tell you a story about The Banana massacre from One Hundred Years of SolitudeThe workers of the banana plantations in Colombia went on strike in 1928. They demanded a better working condition. And this strike ended with a massacre. Government sent troops to shot them dead with guns and stacked bodies like they stacked banana then move the bodies to the train like how they transport banana. The scarcest part is the government made the statement: “Only 7 people were slightly injured. Everyone went back to their dormitory safely.” Those workers’ family hear this so they went home to wait their lover/husband come back. But no one came back, 3000 people disappeared. Only the main character survived. And he went home try to tell people about the massacre but no one believed him. People took the statement from government and believed those works went back to their dormitory safely.

Now the answer.

It was a peaceful protest. No one attacked the police officers. They just sat on the ground and ask for mercy. Yes, they broke serval laws for trespassing on government property. But you know what cause this. Our understanding about democracy probably different. But from the last time I check Democracy is a form of government in which all eligible citizens participate equally—either directly or indirectly through elected representatives—in the proposal, development, and creation of laws. But now our government is irresponsible and make people living in risk. The protestors understood they are breaking laws.The reason they took the risk because our government has done nothing in the past 6 days. Letting this situation escalated to the worst protesting. Instated of finding a peaceful solution. But sent out riot police to hurt unarmed students. How about violation of human rights? The principle of proportionality, like if protestors throw gasoline bombs, then the police have to fight back in defines. But today protesters just sitting there, then the police shouldn’t use their weapons. But in the result they used batons and shields to attack the unarmed protesters made them bleed and potentiality killed . This serious offended the  principle of proportionality. This is overused law enforcement on unarmed students.Is this the democracy you believed? I don’t. 

Now the scariest part. The video above was a news clip suppose to be aired on TV so the people will understand what happened last night. But the major media in Taiwan chose to be bais and didn’t released it on TV. So only the protesters upload pictures, videos and write story about what really happened. After the video upload to youtube, it was removed in a shot time. In the same time (A website record and live broadcasting the whole protesting) was attacked by unknown programme. You said I’m ignorant, I’m just being suspicion about everything I saw last night. Why is so different between the news on TV and my friends’ story? This video probably was too violent so taken down by the youtube. But I think people deserve to see the truth about what happened.  

 If you still believe our democracy you probably should just stay home watching TV and do exactly what they said. 學運是什麼,你懂ㄇ 



To observe, to think, to suspect.

My country has gone mad.

I don’t know what I can do.
May need outside interference.

How will become the future?
I don’t know, I even dare to have hope.

I can’t believe this my country will happen……

Text 18 Mar My country is now the situation is very bad, I hope there who can lend a helping hand ……

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1. 起身出發,去立法院支援,支援物資,現在需要大量的水、麵包、手機電源線、行動電源
2. 持續關注現場狀況,直播:
3. 大量轉貼相關消息,讓更多人知道,詳情請見 反黑箱服貿協議
4. 如有外語能力者,請把消息翻成各種語言,告訴你的國外朋友

1. 裡面不允許學生及民眾喝水,也不給補給,需要物資。
2. 150名鎮暴警察已準備衝進議場,議場內約有數百人,一二樓已經坐滿
3. 現在外面的人進不去議場,正在靜坐和協助物資補給



Citizens of Taiwan are now occupying the Legislative Yuan, opposing the unjust passing of Cross-Strait Agreement on Trade in Services (兩岸服務貿易協議). The police are gathering outside the building and preparing to clear the protesters.

This moment is critical for the future and democracy of Taiwan, we need the world’s attention. Please share the news to everyone you know, and translate it to other languages. (Please post the translation in the comment of this post, I’ll add it in). God bless Taiwan.

法 (感謝Calvin Pai & Peggy):

Les citoyens de Taïwan s’emparent maintenant du Yuan législatif (le parlement), s’insurgeant contre le passage en force de l’accord inter-détroit sur le commerce et les services entre la Chine et Taiwan. La police se mobilise à l’extérieur du Parlement et se prépare à réprimer les manifestants.

Ce moment est décisif pour l’avenir et la démocratie de Taiwan, nous avons besoin de l’aide du monde entier. Veuillez partager cette information avec tous les gens que vous connaissez, ou de la traduire en d’autres langues. (vous pouvez attacher votre version de la présente traduction dans les commentaires de ce post, je les ajouterai). Dieu bénisse Taiwan.)

日 (感謝Makoto Mimazaka和黃弱)

韓 (感謝李丞凱)
대만 시민들이 어제 입법위원의 “양안(중국과 대만)복무무역협의 (兩岸服務貿易協議)” 부정당한 심사를 반대하기 때문에 지금 항의 표시로 입법원을 점령했습니다. 폭동 진압 경찰도 모이고 있는 걸 보니 시민들을 입법원에서 강제로 쫓아낼 것 같습니다. 대만의 민주와 미래의 결정적인 순간이라서 전세계의 주목이 급히 필요합니다. 이 메시지를 공유해 주시기 바랍니다. 감사합니다.

德(感謝Joey Cheng
Bürger von Taiwan jetzt besetzen die Legislativ-Yuan (Kongressgebäude), gegen die Ungerechtigkeit Weitergabe von Cross Strait Abkommen über den Handel und Dienstleistungen ( Cross-Strait Agreement on Trade in Services ). Die Polizisten sind außerhalb dem Gebäude sammeln und um die Demonstranten zu löschen vorbereiten. 
Dieser Moment ist kritisch für Taiwans Zukunft und Demokratie. Wir brauchen die Aufmerksamkeit von der Welt. Bitte teilen Sie die Nachricht auf alle Sie kennst, und übersetzen sie in andere Sprachen. Gott segne Taiwan.

廣東話(感謝Roscoe yang)

瑞典文(謝謝Hung-Wei Yang)

Taiwanesiska invånare ockuperar just nu den taiwanesiska riksdagen, i protest mot det nya avtalet om korssunds-handel med tjänster(兩岸服務貿易協議) som den taiwanesiska regeringen stiftar om. Polis har tillkallats och är på väg att röja undan demonstranterna utanför byggnaden.
Situationen är kritisk och hotar Taiwans framtid och demokrati, vi behöver omvärldens hjälp. Sprid nyheterna till alla du känner, och översätt till andra språk (skriv gärna översättningarna i kommentarsfältet, så lägger jag till dem). Välsigne Taiwan

俄文 (謝謝邱宇聖)
Собираясь из-за глубного контроли над соглашением по торгово-служебной сфере между двумя сторонами тайванского пролива,проводят протест и занимают законадательным юанем тайванские граждане. Собираются полицейские,чтобы насилием изгнать всех пресутствуюших. Это является самом важнейшем временем ради будущего и демократии Тайваня.Нам нужно внимание от всего мира.Передайте,пожалуйста, всем друзьям эту новость.Бог, хрони Тайвань!

阿拉伯文(感謝Yu Ju Tsai 和Heavenly spring)

يحتل مواطنو تايوان الآن المجلس التشريعي كحركة معارضة ضد مرور اتفاق تجارة الخدمات الجائر بحق تايوان. تتجمع الشرطة الآن خارج المبنى استعدادا لطرد المحتجين. هذه اللحظات حرجة بالنسبة لمستقبل وديمقراطية تايوان، ونحن بحاجة إلى اهتمامات العالم. يرجى مشاركة الخبر مع كل شخص تعرفه، وترجمته إلى لغات أخرى. حفظ الله تايوان.


Sem a aprovação do Yuan Legislativo, o Congresso de Taiwan (A Ilha Formosa), o governo de Taiwan recentemente assinou com o governo da China o “Acordo sobre o Comércio de Serviços” através do Estreito de Taiwan. Por que o próprio acordo foi envolvido nas realidades políticas sensíveis entre esta zona, que a China e A Ilha Formosa foram separadas em duas identidades políticas desde a Segunda Guerra Mundial. Como resultado, até agora esses dois lugares ainda mantêm uma relação um tanto contraditório.

Além disso, uma ampla gama de indústrias em Taiwan ficará chocado, se o Acordo seja implementado, porque o tamanho das economias de Taiwan e da China são extremamente diferentes.

Assim, de acordo com pesquisas recentes , mais de 70% do povo de Taiwan pediu ao Yuan Legislativo a rever o disposto relevante por um, a fim de salvaguardar a segurança nacional dos Taiwan. O atual partido no poder, o Kuomintang , portanto, também prometeu o povo a fazê-lo. No entanto, a maioria KMT no Congresso anunciou recentemente que o acordo foi aprovado por meio de “passar directamente ” sem direito a voto. Portanto, hoje os estudantes universitários locais de Taipei, a capital de Taiwan, agrupamos para ter de volta o congresso, e pediu ao Congresso para reexaminar o Acordo.

西班牙文(謝謝Linda Chung)
Los ciudadanos de Taiwán ahora mismo están ocupando el Yuan Legislativo para protestar contra el Acuerdo de Comercio en Las Industrias del Servicio entre Taiwán y China.
La policía está reunida con el fin de echar a los manifestantes.
Este momento es crucial para el futuro y para la democracia de Taiwán, necesitamos la atención de todo el mundo. Esperamos que comparta esta noticia con los demás, y la traduzca a otros idiomas.(Por favor, publicar la traducción en los comentarios siguientes , voy añadiéndola.) ¡Que Dios bendiga a Taiwán!

波蘭文(感謝Cath Hsieh)
Mieszkańcy Tajwanu właśnie zajeli parlament, sprzeciwiając się niesprawiedliwym warunkom handlu i usługami.
Policja otoczyła budynek i przygotowuje się do usunięcia protestujących.

Ten moment ma kluczowe znaczenie dla przyszłości i demokracji na Tajwanie,
potrzebujemy zwrócić uwagę świata. Proszę podziel się tą wiadomością ze wszystkimi, których znasz i przetłumaczcie na inne języki. Boże błogosław Tajwan.



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